For young women and men in high school, prom is a special event. It is something that they look forward to all year, make plans and once the evening itself has passed, they will have the memories for years to come. But prom is expensive, and for some families, the cost can be a huge obstacle to attending. In 2013, Cinderella’s Closet at Hope was created to provide formal wear to students who might otherwise not be able to attend prom.

The program receives donated dresses, shoes and accessories in a wide array of sizes and then organizes several dates and times for students to find the dress of their dreams. This year’s events will be at Hope United Methodist Church, 3166 197th St. E., Faribault.  In April the dates are Saturday, April 8, from 10AM to 2PM; Sunday, April 9, from 1-4PM; Saturday, April 22, from 12-4PM; and Sunday, April 23, from 1-4PM.

In addition to helping young girls’ dreams come true, and giving them a chance to create wonderful memories, this program is also environmentally friendly. For more information, or to donate your dress, shoes or accessories, call (952) 240-0269 or see their Facebook page.

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