According to the Dakota County court charges, Zachariah Wilson and Angela Robinson drove around the Twin Cities for five days in a borrowed car. They had their two young children with them and did not bathe them or allow them to change their clothes. The children also were reportedly deprived of food. The couple were charged with felony theft by temporary control and child neglect.

The police report showed that a syringe and an unidentified substance was found in the car's center console and officers detected a strong odor from the children. Wilson and Robinson are in jail and bail is set at $120,000 for Wilson and $60,000 for Robinson.

According to a Star Tribune report, Robinson, a recovering heroin addict on methadone, snuck Wilson into her house. After getting caught, she borrowed a car from Wilson's mother, saying she would be back the next day to pick her up from work. She did not return and the kids were found to be gone later that day.

Wilson's mother reported them missing Friday, Oct. 21. They were found Tuesday.

Lakeville PD Photo
Lakeville PD Photo


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