The old saying about the only things you can count are death and taxes sure applies here in Minnesota (well, the tax part, anyway) especially when it comes to your beer!

It's not a shock that Minnesota applies a tax to that lovely glass, bottle or can of beer you might enjoy this weekend-- all states do. But do you know how much Minnesota taxes your beer compared to other states?

According to the gang over at Thrillist, the tax on your beer here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is actually kind of high. In fact, we rank #10 on the list of states when it comes to taxing alcohol. (And in this list, the higher your rank, the more tax you pay!)

Wyoming is the state with the lowest tax, while Tennessee is the state that applies the biggest tax, the story said. Which, as a Wisconsin native, was a bit of a shock. I thought SURE Wisco would have the lowest state tax on beer. It's still pretty low, though, coming in at #48. Only Missouri and Wyoming have lower taxes than Wisconsin.

It's not really easy to accurately compare all fifty states, though, the story noted, because each state has a different way of taxing alcohol. For instance, here in Minnesota, we actually get taxed TWICE on alcoholic beverages. I know, right?!?

In Minnesota, "the retailer is taxed at $.15 per gallon while the sales tax of 9% is applied at the point of sale," the story said about alcohol taxes here in the Bold North.

So even though we've gotta pay the taxman a little more here in Minnesota, it's still not going to stop me from cracking a cold one, though. Cheers!



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