Look Up On Friday for Northern Lights in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

I've decided that I am going on a road trip and am going to drive as far North as I can on Friday because I am going to check off something on my bucket list.  If seeing the Northern Lights is something you've always wanted to see too, get ready to look up because, on Friday, February 17th, that wish might come true.

Northern Lights in Voyageurs National Park
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According to NOAA.gov, there is a chance that parts of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin will get to see the gorgeous multi-colored lights in the sky on Friday.  Now, I am not a meteorologist so I don't know all the technical reasons why it is possible to see the aurora borealis but I am really thankful for whoever it is that put the viewing map up on the Space Weather Prediction Center for NOAA.  The picture shows me that there is a chance Friday and that is all I need...well, also a very dark place that is away from city lights.

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What's on your bucket list?

What is one thing that you'd like to do or see?  As you know, one of mine is the Northern Lights.  I also want to go to Hawaii though.  I am going to have to wait a bit for that dream but that's why we have a bucket list, so we can visualize what we want to do and cross it off when we make it happen.

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