I am one of "those people." I look for the obscure, odd, and slightly tilted events. I have found a great website that tracks all sorts of trivia tidbits and, you know, almost every day has some reason for celebration.

This week we have seen Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and all of the trappings that go along with the Lenten season leading up to Easter Sunday. One of my favorite parts of the Lenten season is all of the fish fries that take place every Friday.

Did you also know that today is Holy Experiment Day? I looked up the meaning, it means to try something new that has to do with religion. Maybe take in a different church service, pray for snow, or the lack thereof, anything along those lines.

If Holy Experiment Day is not up your alley, it is also Hug A GI Day! Now that is a holiday I can certainly take part in. What better way to show our support for the men and women who wear the uniforms and defend our country. I think I will have to go find a GI, give a hug, and say thank you! Men in uniforms, what can possibly be wrong with that?


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