Carrie Underwood is not pleased that the Nashville Predators are down two games to none to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Final. The country superstar -- who has been in Pittsburgh cheering on her husband, Predators captain Mike Fisher -- wasn't shy about sharing her thoughts about Wednesday night's (May 31) game on Twitter.

The Penguins defeated the Predators 4-1 during Wednesday night's game, the second of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final series; on Monday night (May 29), the Pittsburgh defeated Nashville 5-3. During Game 1, Underwood kept mostly quiet on Twitter -- though she did respond when a Predators fan threw a catfish on the ice -- but during Game 2, she was vocal about the fact that she disagreed with some of the referees' calls.

"This game is being called so insanely awful, I can't even ...," Underwood tweeted, adding a few minutes later, "Just told my manager that she might have to lock me out of my own Twitter!" Underwood also hashtagged her second tweet with "#IJustLoveMyHusband."

Underwood's peeved feelings, however, didn't extend past the game itself: After the game was over, she shared a message of gratitude to Pittsburgh's "super sweet" fans for their hospitality during the Stanley Cup Final's first two games.

Game 3 of the Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins will take place in Nashville on Saturday night (June 3). The team will also host a game on June 5, and could be hosting a game on June 11, should the series go that long.

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