Before Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher had kids, the couple had a pretty simple and classic aesthetic for their Christmas tree decor.

"I feel like our decorations started out as being very silver and gold, you know, simple, but not super colorful," the country star recounted to Taste of Country and other outlets during a recent virtual press event.

But that all changed when their now-5-year-old son, Isaiah, started contributing handmade ornaments.

"Isaiah starts bringing home the things that they make at school, and [our Christmas decoration design scheme] all went out the window, in the best way," Underwood goes on to say. "We have a ton of pictures of Isaiah on the tree. It's basically the Isaiah tree, with two pictures of Jake thrown in there."

At nearly two years old, the couple's younger son hasn't had much of a chance to add his own personalized ornaments to the family tree yet, but the singer says they're in the process of rectifying that.

"I just ordered some new ornaments off of one of the picture apps, and they should be here any day now, so Jake can get on the tree as well," she says, adding that she doesn't regret trading in her picture-perfect holiday decorations for a Christmas tree that reflects more of a family vibe. After all, that's the kind of household she grew up in: Underwood's family put a premium on the ornaments that had sentimental value, not the ones that were necessarily the prettiest.

"And there was something so nice about the familiar, you know? Just having that comfort of, 'Oh, these are the little horse candle holders that Mom always puts on the piano,'" she recounts. "We had the same stockings, and by the time I was in my teens, they were gross-looking, but I did not want any new ones."

The singer says she hopes her two sons will feel the same way about their own family ornaments one day.

"I want them to see their pictures from when they were little, or that thing they made in kindergarten, hanging on the tree," she says. "You know, it won't be Pinterest-worthy, but it's definitely got a lot of heart."

In addition to their personalized, family-friendly tree, Underwood and her husband started another, ahem, unique tradition this year. For her present, the singer requested cows — and sure enough, that's what she got.

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