Cannon Valley Fair Board President Greg Kurtz told KDHL today the board held a special meeting last night and voted to cancel the 2020 fair in Cannon Falls.

Kurtz said, "We had to make the decision to cancel the Cannon Valley Fair this year for a number of reasons which I'm sure most of your listeners are aware of. It is just going to be too difficult to keep everybody safe."

Kurtz added the board had worked hard the past month getting the grounds ready, "I've talked with the carnival which is having a tough time getting their schedule in line.  I spoke with them this morning and gave them the bad news also.  He was kind of expecting to hear something of that nature."

I asked the Cannon Valley Fair Board President if the announcement last week by the Minnesota State Fair cancelling this year's event was the final nail.  He replied, "Yep, I noticed a number of fairs announced right after that announcement last week they would not be having an event.  That's kind of the way I felt.  If they can't have one we probably shouldn't either.  I don't want to be responsible for somebody becoming sick."

Kurtz loves the Cannon Valley Fair for the community event it is, "This would have been my 59th consecutive year at the Cannon Valley Fair.  So I have time invested as a kid, teenager and now member of the fair board.  I just love it.  It saddens me to have to do this but we have to."

Kurtz is unsure if the fair has ever been called off in it's over century of existence.  He is going to check the record books to try and come up with an answer to that question.

The Cannon Valley Fair is widely known for it's excellent demolition derby and Kurtz says stay tuned because that has not been ruled out down the road saying, "We're still looking at possibly, if things get better, a fall clean up demolition derby.   We've had that the last few years. It's been just wonderful. "

The Cannon Valley Fair is one of only two community fairs believed to be left in Minnesota.

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