There was a terrific turnout today in the Cannon Falls Public School District request for a technology levy and approval of school building bonds.

Question one asked for a capital project levy for $400,000 over ten years to support technology infrastructure, support staff and device replacements.

It passed by a more than two to one margin 1,137 yes to 530 no.

The school building bond request was for $7.98 million dollars to update and improve school facilities including:

  • Heating and cooling system updates and the middle/high school
  • Career and technical education (shop) are building addition, renovations and equipment updates.
  • Kitchen receiving area updates.
  • Regrading soil surrounding both schools to address water infiltration.
  • Roof section replacement at the Cannon Community Center.

Question 2 also passed handily with 1,171 yes votes, 495 no votes cast.

Passage means the Cannon Valley Senior Center won't have to look for a new home.

There was a total of 1,669 votes cast which is 21.2% of the registered voters that cast ballots in the 2020 Cannon Falls School District General Election.

In December 2021 the Cannon Falls School Board approved $455,000 in budget cuts to deal with the reduction in state aid resulting from reduced enrollment.

The board stated $300,000 in cuts are still necessary even with the passage of both questions.  $155,000 in cuts will be avoided with the results.

The Cannon Falls School District has lost 43 students this year.

During a recent interview with KDHL Superintendent Jeff Sampson said the Cannon Falls area is suffering from a lack of housing which he believes is the main factor in the declining enrollment.

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