The internet can be a rough place, but sometimes the brutal honestly is warranted.

Make no mistake, I'm a firm believer in extending grace and I always try my best to be as tolerant and understanding as possible, but this is where we have to collectively draw the line.

I don't know who deserves the heat for this culinary travesty, but a website that goes by the name of TOTALLY THE BOMB legit just put out a whole recipe for "buttered saltines" calling it the hottest new snack trend.

They literally posted a whole formal recipe for a snack that has just as many steps as ingredients with step-by-step photos showing you how to prepare the treat.

Totally The Bomb
Totally The Bomb

Full disclosure: I honestly thought this was one of those internet things where the concept behind the website is to troll whoever comes to the page for an actual recipe. Nope, a whole detailed spread on how to whip up a struggle meal.

The comments weren't amazing, as you could probably guess. (but they weren't wrong!)


Anyone from the south knows that butter on crackers is literally the appetizer before the appetizer. Anyone who has destroyed a basket full of that crisp salty goodness with those little personal butter dipping cups can relate.

Crackers have been around since the late 1700s when people called them sea biscuits and butter is traced back as far as 2000 B.C. so I have no earthly idea why someone even thought it was remotely OK to deem this the hot new snack trend, but here we are.

I can't speak for you, but I'm not playing along. This is not a new hot snack trend.

It is a fire struggle meal.
It is the appetizer to the appetizer.
It is a cheap and easy after-school treat.

It is literally the simplest form of anything that can go on a cracker. And even if this girl wrote this "recipe" as pure clickbait we still don't have to stand for it.

Do it any other way, but don't stand on the back of saltines and butter as the hot new snack trend to get those clicks.

There's too much misinformation in this world to tolerate this buttered cracker clickbait recipe.

Nope. Not doing it. Not at all.

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