If anyone knows anything about hosting fairs and expos it's Minnesota. Time and time again we have put in bids and been denied for hosting The World's Fair, but it isn't stopping state officials from trying once again. Minnesota, Bloomington specifically, has put in a bid to host the 2027 Worlds Fair. 

The World's Fair is a large international exhibition designed to showcase the achievements of nations from across the globe. These exhibitions vary in character and are held in different parts of the world at a specific site for a period of time, ranging usually from three to six months. Some notable things that have been created or invented for World's Fairs in the past are Walt Disney's "It's a Small World" ride, color televisions, the Eiffel Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, and ferris wheels.

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Most recently, Minnesota competed to make Bloomington the host of the 2023 Expo, but the hosting rights went to Buenos Aires. Since then, the state has been fine-tuning its pitch of health, wellness, and sustainability with focuses on the research done at the U of M, and medical advancements from the Mayo Clinic.

The U.S. will find out in February which countries will compete for the 2027 Expo. A final vote on the location is expected in November 2022. The last time a World's Fair was hosted in the US was 1984 in New Orleans.

Hosting the expo for the world would mean permanent infrastructure of some sort would have to be built, as projections show the event could draw more than 10 million visitors. Luckily MSP airport is in Bloomington and will allow easy travel for visitors.

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