Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe are more than just friends in the 'Lonely Tonight' music video.

The song casts the pair as former lovers who can't resist getting together one final time -- or is it? As the lyrics say, "I could be there in five / One more one last time / We don't have to be lonely tonight."

The city of Los Angeles is the real star of the video, setting a scene of yearning by juxtaposing scenes of the city at night against shots of Shelton and Monroe singing their parts separately as she takes a limo to his hotel.

The longing between the characters is palpable -- but it's also purely fictional. Monroe is close friends in real life with both Shelton and his wife, Miranda Lambert, her Pistol Annies bandmate.

"He's like a brother," Monroe tells Rolling Stone. "He's one of my best friends. We just sing and look at each other and are like, 'Ah, I know you!'"

'Lonely Tonight' is the second single from Shelton's 'Bringing Back the Sunshine.'

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