Some great news from the Blooming Prairie Chamber of Commerce this morning on social media, a coffee shop is going to be opening in town, and the name is FANTASTIC!

The announcement from the Chamber of Commerce was originally shared by Jamie and Jay Klemmensen as they posed in front of a black sign with a steaming cup of coffee and the words 'RUMOR HAS IT coming soon' underneath the cup.

A second photo with the announcement is taken just to the south of the Blooming Prairie City Center on the East side of the road. 

I reached out to Jamie via Facebook for more information about the coming soon business but didn't get far. Jamie simply told me that there has been a lot of work done, and to 'stay tuned' for more information about the business.

Reaction to the news on the Blooming Prairie Chamber of Commerce page was all positive with many folks pledging to stop by for a cup when they open up.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

It's really great to see new businesses going into our communities, and more importantly, businesses owned and operated by people who live here too.

The next time you see Jay or Jamie, give them a big congratulations on the business and be sure to stop out and support them when they open up.

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