This is certainly not the way to spread holiday cheer: another holiday-related scam has popped up just in time for the end of the year.

This scam is probably one you've seen online at least once this year. It all goes down on social media, which many of us are spending even more time on amid the pandemic. This isn't just a scam either: it's a pyramid scheme.

Here's how it works: you get invited to a secret santa-type gift exchange online, whether by a stranger or by someone you know. You are asked to give your name, address and a few other tidbits of personal information. In turn, you are told you will receive gifts from others in the exchange and you must also gift others taking part.

According to the Better Business Bureau, who sent out an official warning about this type of scam this month, you are left without the gifts you were promised and out money on the gifts you bought for others, which may not even make it to the person you were sending it to. You are also in danger because you gave personal information away to scammers.

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As with any scam, there are measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim. The BBB suggests ignoring social media secret santa circles altogether, while also reporting said posts. As always, do not give out any personal information, either.

This isn't the only holiday-related scam going around either. There is also a Christmas toy scam that the BBB is warning consumers against as we head into the holiday shopping season. Stay safe!

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