Here we go again. Anytime there's a way to scam people, there are those people that feel the need to do so. With the new stimulus checks going out the door, there are plenty of scammers hoping that in desperation, you'll fall victim to their plans.

Stimulus checks are making their way across the country to mailboxes and bank accounts. The BBB is already getting complaints that scammers are calling people and are asking individuals for personal information, or they won't be receiving their stimulus checks. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

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The scammers are claiming that the IRS needs additional information in order to send out the funds.

Experts say that you should not respond to any text messages, emails, robo-calls or click on any unsolicited links regarding stimulus checks.

There is another scam happening that scammers are telling people there are processing fees associated with getting their checks, and trying to gain personal information that way as well. The information they will ask for can be anything from your address, birthdate, and social security number.

The IRS will NOT call you regarding your stimulus check. If someone calls, do not respond. Hang up and notify the BBB of where you are located, and what your experience was.

It's a good idea to warn your friends and family; grandparents and young people who don't have much experience in the world of money as of yet. If you do experience a scam, it's a good idea to let the BBB know what happened in your experience so they can warn others of what's happening in your area.

Send scam information to the Federal Trade commission by clicking HERE.


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