People just LOVE to share things on social media. One of the things you shouldn't share on social media would be your COVID-19 vaccination card. According to the BBB doing that can expose you to fraud, and in some cases identity theft.

In a SCAM ALERT sent out today by the Better Business Bureau, the alert wants you to know not to share your vaccination card on social media. Surprise, that little vaccination card has your birthday on it and your full name! By sharing it on social media, potentially exposes your information to more people than you intend to show your most recent shot off to.

The release also goes on to state that "sharing your personal information isn’t the only issue. Scammers in Great Britain were caught selling fake vaccination cards on eBay and TikTok. It’s only a matter of time before similar cons come to the United States and Canada. Posting photos of your card can help provide scammers with the information they can use to create and sell phony ones."

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If you really want to share the news that you've been vaccinated the BBB recommends that you share a picture of your sticker or use a frame on your profile picture.

The next time you are online, it might be a good idea to check your privacy settings as well to ensure there haven't been any updates or changes since the last time you looked them over.


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