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I woke up and it was right there in Rochester's Christmas Station Facebook inbox. "Dear Y-105FM, enjoy Santa Stole My Stratocaster."

I listened, laughed, and sampled it on the air. And here's the rest of it from the Austin Minnesota band, Grampster.

I got in touch with the band to ask some questions and Jimmy Dean Hultgren graciously got back to me.

James Rabe - When did Grampster get together?

Jimmy Dean Hultgren - The band started in the early nineties.

JR = Who's in the band?

JD - Band members are Mike Weber, Trei Miller, Teiler Tovar, Phillip Miller (he wrote Santa Stole...), Jimmy Dean Hultgren and sometimes Joanne Miller. J


JR - Any great stories of the band?

JD - One of our most memorable times in the band is when a local club was reluctant on hiring a band on Fishing opener. So we took it upon ourselves to hold a fishing tournament inside the club, complete with with a miniature lake and fish.... we are not sure who won the tournament but we haven't been asked to play there again, something about mops and water...

JR - That's awesome...the stuff of legends! Are all your songs lighthearted like Santa Stole...

JD - Our original music tends to be lighthearted tho we can go for tears now and and then, that impresses the ladies, well it did when we were young.


JR - The original reason people get into bands. At least according to Gene Simmons. Do you have a Christmas message you'd like to share?

JD - We hope this songs brings joy to everyone, especially during this crazy time. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a better New Year!

JR - Amen to that!


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Ready for a chuckle? Merry Christmas!

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