On average Faribault and Northfield area, residents are paying more for their monthly bills than a majority of the rest of the state. The Faribault/Northfield area came in at #5, as in fifth most expensive, for the average of total monthly household bills according to research from Doxo. The average total household bill in the Faribault/Northfield area was $1,118 a month. The Minnesota average was $1079, and the National Average was $1016 a month.

Image Credit: DoxoInsights
Image Credit: DoxoInsights

The graphic above shows the blue line the average bill in the Faribault/Northfield area as compared to the National Average. In many cases, our average cost is relatively similar or lower than the national, like mobile phones, utilities, and life insurance costs. In other cases, the Faribault/Northfield area is WAY above the national average. Cable and satellite services along with health insurance costs are the two largest differences as compared to the average cost.

Comparably Owatonna, Mankato, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Rochester all have a lower household bill average as compared to Faribault/Northfield.

Image Credit: DoxoInsights
Image Credit: DoxoInsights

The top-5 most expensive household bill averages according to Doxo were:

1. Duluth - $1,317
2. Grand Rapids - $1,261
3. Alexandria - $1,218
4. Red Wing - $1,172
T5. Faribault/Northfield - $1,118
T5. Austin - $1,118

You can view the data, that was a part of DoxoInsights' latest report titled “Household Bills and Financial Health After a Year of COVID-19: Changes in Consumer Saving and Spending Habits” here. 

When I saw the data laid out by Doxo I had to wonder that maybe it's based on distance from larger population centers that cause the price of household bills to be higher? Duluth, Alexandria, and Grand Rapids are all far to the North of the Twin Cities, but then Faribault and Northfield are only 45 miles from Minneapolis and St. Paul. So that can't explain the prices.

So I have to ask are you getting the 5th best service for what you are paying? If not, maybe we need to look at how we can change that.

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