"Driving and Netflix don't mix."

That's the bottom line from the Minnesota State Patrol after a woman drove across multiple lanes of the road, veered onto the shoulder, drove on the grass, back and forth, and crashed into the median cables.  She admitted that she was watching Netflix, instead of the road.  More on the incident from the Minnesota State Patrol below.

I'd like to start with the basics.

  1. Distracted driving kills.  According to TeenSafe, it is a factor in roughly 25% of motor vehicle crash fatalities.
  2. Watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, texting, or checking your favorite website is all illegal in the state of Minnesota.
  3. Do not be a moron. You don't need sad stats or a law to tell you not to do something irresponsible, unsafe, and stupid.

My letter.

Dearest Woman that Netflixed, Drove, and Crashed,

I'm happy you are safe and no one was seriously hurt.  I hope this is a wake-up call and lesson to you.  Every day hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans hit the road.  They're just trying to get to work to provide for their family, take their kids to hockey practice, or pick up some groceries.  Just imagine having to look someone in the eyes and tell them they're not going to see their loved ones because you had to watch Orange is the New Black on I-94. I implore you to think about their safety and your own safety.  I know how easy it is to get bored while driving or lured into responding to an incoming text.  Keep your Netflix off.  Keep your phone off.  Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.  House of Cards will wait and you may even save a life.



Here's more on the incident from the Minnesota State Patrol.

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