It was this past spring when a family of turkeys  - perhaps two families - showed up in the Richfield neighborhood where my sons live.

The baby turkeys were already growing rapidly and appeared to be in very good health, as did the mama turkeys.  They caught the attention of a dog that was inside a home and eventually, nearly were given a police escort! They then moved into the yard of my sons, wandering all the way to the rear yard and all they did the whole time was eat bugs and seeds!  


I was able to get video of both turkey encounters and then a few days before October (and a month before Thanksgiving!), I swear it was the same family paying us another visit. The babies were no longer babies and may have been trick-or-treating!

It’s neat to be able to experience a close encounter such as this turkey family.  Wonder if they were aware of how close this was to Thanksgiving and what many of us prefer on our dinner table that day!  

I’ll keep an eye out and see how many return next year.


Kim David



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