My wife and I took our granddaughter to the movie Secret Life of Pets the other day. Afterward, we decided to take her to my favorite childhood park in Owatonna. Of course, I'm talking about Mineral Springs Park.

When I was a kid, this park had the usual slides, swings and roundabouts (merry-go-round) but it also had what we referred to as a curly slide. I had never seen one before and I thought it was fantastic (remember now, I'm only about 5-6 years old at the time). As cool as that was for me, the other amazing thing was that the road that wound its way through the park went down through the river and you could literally drive through the water.

That was also something I'd never experienced before and my dad would always stop the car in the middle to kind of freak us out. We'd turn around on the other side and drive back through, then park and play in the river. There's a huge rock in the river that you can still climb on.

Unfortunately the road's been turned into a walking path and the river crossing has eroded away in spots. The river was running a little high the day we were there, but kids were still playing in the water.

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