For whatever reason, some American Idol contestants play coy about it when they start pairing with the competition. It has happened when the relationships were truly platonic — and when they weren't! Here is the truth about 14 singers from the reality show who were rumored to have courted one another.

Spoiler alert: This list includes two marriages and one couple that's progressing nicely. Season 16 was a particularly spicy season, with three of the couples meeting and coming together during that run. Then, there's Season 10, which nobody knew what to make of until after the songs ended. Did Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina date?

What about Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart?

Scroll down to find the latest, which — as of now — doesn't include anyone from Season 20. Love was not in the air in 2022, as far as we can tell. Sometimes, these things take awhile. Sometimes, it takes awhile for fans and media to find out about it! That was certainly the case for the OG American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

14 'American Idol' Singers Who Secretly Hooked Up — Or Did They?

At least two couples who met through American Idol got married, while one more could be headed in that direction. Not all American Idol hookups have a happy ending, however. Here are seven of the most talked about meet-ups, plus the real scoop on how serious things got.

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We cheered for them. We voted for them. We followed them. Then, these seven American Idol stars vanished. Or, at least it seems like it.

What happened to some of country music's best American Idol contestants over the last 20 years? This list of country American Idol stars who disappeared includes a winner, a runner-up and a third place finisher, plus several early cuts who enjoyed radio success before losing touch with fans.

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