Sunday morning was the opening session of the American Farm Bureau annual convention. The session was led by American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall, which also included the president's address. Farm Bureau members from every state in the United States and Puerto Rico are here for the convention. In addition the opening session included awards like the Distinguished Service Award given to past American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman along with state awards.

In the picture you can see how large the ballroom was and how many Farm Bureau members were at the opening session. Other than the National FFA Convention, this is the largest convention I have attended. When I walked into the room the first thing that popped into my mind is, I wonder how long it took to set up all those chairs? The keynote speakers this morning at the closing session will be Archie and Peyton Manning.

I heard that Archie Manning was supposed to be the keynote speaker last year. He was in his hotel room with the flu and was unable to appear. He felt like he let the Farm Bureau down so he asked if he could come back this year. Plus, he offered to bring his son Peyton along. I guess even if you win the Super Bowl you still do what your dad asks you to?

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