This is a good sign: American Airlines has announced they will be going back to their pre-pandemic procedures up in the air, at least in some ways.

The airline will begin serving alcohol on flights again as early as May first. This also includes drinks like soda, juice and water. However, there is a little bit of a catch. Alcohol and other beverages will only be available for those in the first and business class areas of the airplane on that starting date.

Beginning on June 1st, normal beverage service will be back in its entirety for those in main cabins once again. Alcohol will be available at some point this summer for those in the main cabin.

American Airlines says they are rolling things out slowly so that everyone can feel safe on board their airplanes. They say they will be asking flight attendants to keep an eye on things as they roll out these new changes and masks will still be required when passengers aren't drinking.

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In case you didn't know or haven't flown lately, drink and food services were halted on airplanes across several different airlines amid the pandemic. Over the course of the past year, airlines have also implemented other changes, like mask mandates and empty middle seats to promote social distancing.

As for other airlines, Delta has also started making changes to their food and drink services. On April 14th, they began serving small soda cans and canned cocktails. United Airlines has made several changes to inflight dining in light of COVID-19. As of now, their website states they are serving sealed beverages, including alcohol.

Flying is just one of the many industries that has changed significantly because of the pandemic. Here's to hoping we get back to normal soon! If you are planning on traveling anywhere, take some extra time to prepare so you can enjoy your travel plans to the fullest.

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