My guest on today's AM MN Program will be Agronomist with Pioneer Jay Zielske. Some of the topics I plan to bring up include, crop progress and growing degree units, grain fill, shallow rooted corn, corn pollination, soybean aphids, white mold, soybean root rots from all the wet weather last spring and escaped weeds, especially in soybeans. In addition you never know what other issues will come up during the discussion!

I remember talking with Jay last spring when many farmers, myself included were struggling to get the corn planted. It was the middle of May and all the corn was not planted. Much of the corn was not planted until about May 25th. We were concerned about how much potential yield was lost because of the late planting. Jay said you never know how the growing season will turn out. It is a long growing season. It is a marathon, not a sissy little sprint!

Well, Jay was right. It has been much warmer than normal many days this summer. We picked up a lot of growing degree units. In fact, even the corn planted on May 25 is now ahead for normal in development. Yes, it is a long growing season.


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