My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Rice County Fair manager John Dvorak. Yes, the Rice County Fair is approaching very soon! I drove through the Rice County Fairgrounds Monday and there was a lot of activity. With all the rain there is a lot of mowing to be done but it is also nice to see the lush green grass. There was also a lot of activity next to the Rice County Historical Society. Construction has begun on the new old style barn.

The Rice County Fair received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that could be used for agricultural education. Plans were developed to build a 1900's era barn to educate the public about how livestock were cared for in the early 1900's. The barn will be used during the fair but the Historical Society will also be able to use the barn many other times during the year. It will be a "modern" barn in construction but will look like an old barn! With the help of volunteers John's goal was to have it built by this years Rice County Fair.

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