My Guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be David Key who is the Research Director for the Minnesota Soybean Growers. Every year the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council allocates a certain amount of their budget to fund research projects. The research projects are intended to find answers to agronomic issues Minnesota Soybean farmers are dealing with for example.

I know a certain part of the budget is also used to fund research projects to find new uses for soybean too. One new use I am going to ask David about is treating asphalt roads with soybean oil. Research projects funded by the Minnesota Soybean Growers found that asphalt roads treated with soybean oil greatly extends their useful life.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is now testing soybean oil treated asphalt roads.

Minnesota Soybean farmers that are elected to the board along with David determine witch research projects are funded. David oversees the projects and reports back to the board the results of each research project.

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