Today I will be hosting KDHL's AM Minnesota program. My guest will be Jerome Lensing Advanced Nutrient Management Specialist with the Minnesota Agriculture Water Resources Center (MAWRC.) The MAWRC is funded by a number of agricultural business along with many commodity groups. it is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to assisting Minnesota Farmers in addressing water quality concerns.

One of the most important and interesting projects the MAWRC works on is the Discovery Farms. The Discovery Farms are scattered around Minnesota. Scientific monitoring equipment is put on the farm to measure any crop nutrients or soil that leaves the farm either through tile lines or surface runoff. These are real farms raising crops and livestock.

Research results indicate that farmers are doing a good job protecting water quality and also producing food for a hungry world. This data can be shown to regulators and the Minnesota Legislature. In Addition this information is shared with other farmers to continue to try and do a better job!


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