My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske. It is hard to believe but hopefully we are only about a month away from getting into the fields! Very soon Plant 2020 will be here! I think it is safe to say that most farmers would like to forget about the 2019 spring planting season and all the challenges with getting the crop planted!

However, we do need to consider some the things that occurred last year that will need to be managed this year. Those include spring nitrogen management with saturated soil conditions, spring tillage options with untilled corn stalk ground, fallow syndrome, and P and K fertility management just to name a few.

There is one other topic I will ask Jay about. I have seen and heard many ads about different "treatments" you should apply to fields that had standing water on them for long periods of time last year. Is there any research that they are beneficial or are they "snake oil?"

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