My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Dave Preisler Executive Director of the Minnesota Pork Producers. We will be discussing the crises in the pork industry with many pork processing plants slowing production or shutting down because of COVID-19. The crises is not a food safety issue as you cannot get COVID-19 from meat. Rather it is an employee safety issue contracting COVID-19 while working in processing plants.

Hopefully Dave will have some details on changes that are being implemented at processing plants to keep employees safe and when we can expect them to be back open again. Until then many pork producers are faced with what to do with finished hogs that must be moved out of finishing barns. That is because pigs in the nursery need to move into the finishing barns!

The end result of COVID-19 is a financial crises for pork producers. The cash for delivering finished hogs to processing plants was needed to pay bills!


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