My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program today will be Brian Buck who is an Agronomist with DuPont Pioneer. We will be talking about the growing season. Every year there are challenges that need to be taken into consideration. This year was no exception. It seems every year many of those challenges are related to the weather. You know what they say about farmers and the weather, "it is always too" something, too hot, cold, wet or dry.

Many of the weed, disease and insect problems we face are weather related too. The soybean disease white mold was a big problem this year. We had not seen it for a few years. But, the weather this summer was ideal for the fungus to develop. That along with the cool, damp cloudy August likely made this years soybean crop a good one and not a great one like last year. Corn on the other hand was as good as last year for many farmers.

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