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The Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center just helped rescue four adorable fox kits found freezing on a frozen Minnesota earlier this week.

If you're an animal lover like I am, here's a feel-good story about four incredibly cute baby foxes (kits, as they're technically called) who were found in the freezing rain on one of Minnesota's 10,000 frozen lakes on Valentine's Day.

The Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) posted news about the four freezing kits, which were brought to their facility in Roseville by a concerned citizen who spotted the little guys (or girls) on Lake Minnetonka, shivering in the freezing rain that fell across Minnesota on Valentine's Day.

The WRC said on their Facebook page that the four kits were in rough shape, all spread out and freezing on Lake Minnetonka-- but recovered quickly once they were admitted:

The kits were found spread out on the ice of Lake Minnetonka, and were hypothermic when they arrived at WRC. They received fluids and got to warm up in our incubator. Because of their body condition and Tuesday night's freezing drizzle, we were not able to safely attempt a reunite.

WRC staffers in this BringMeTheNews story have a theory on why the kits might have been out on the lake that day: They think the rain and snow earlier this week may have disturbed their fox den, and that their mom may have been attempting to move the four.

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WRC's Facebook page posted an update on the fox kits' condition, saying that after spending some time in their incubator, the four adorable kits were feeling 'quite cozy' and have since been transferred to a licensed wildlife animal rehabilitator who specializes in foxes.

So, it's a happy ending for a wildlife story that could have had a much different ending had the concerned citizen who found them not called WRC. Keep scrolling to see what those little guys looked like when they were first brought in, and to check some of the much more dangerous wild animals who call the Land of 10,000 Lakes home as well!

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