There is an old saying that I find myself thinking of quite often, "what goes around comes around." I remember what a beautiful harvest we had last fall. It was warm and dry. Day after day you could combine corn, beans and get the tillage done. This fall is the exact opposite. It is cold and cloudy with frequent rains and even snow. I just keep thinking, it has been it has been cold and wet for so long, when the pendulum swing the other way to much warmer and dryer than normal?

I took this picture of my combine last night. It is hard to understand how there can be that much dust when it has been so wet? I thought about my Dad and Grandfather's generation who farmed before we had pressurized heated and air conditioned cabs. They sat on a combine in all that dust and cold weather hour after hour. I am quite certain back then farmers were a lot tougher than we are these days?

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