This probably won't surprise you one bit, but according to a new study, one of the top ten drunkest cities in the US is right here in Minnesota.

Joe Ferrer/iStock
Joe Ferrer/iStock

The catch: it's one you might not've imagined. CBS News reports, "Mankato and North Mankato, Minnesota come in at number 10, with 24.2 percent of adults there reporting that they drink in excess. 20.8 percent of driving deaths in the area are alcohol-related, and 250 deaths out of every 100,000 occur prematurely."

If you would've asked me what Minnesota town was drunkest before reading this report, I totally would've said the Cities! Just based on numbers, you know?

This caught me off guard.

What didn't surprise me was the drunk 'sconies next door making this list a ridiculous amount of times! Wisconsin towns and cities are represented twelve times (out of twenty two) on this list! Hey, at least we're not that bad!



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