Another Minnesota store is calling it quits, this time Sikora's Polish Market in Northeast Minneapolis will be closing its doors for good in May. The market made the announcement on their Facebook page this afternoon.

Sikora's opened up in Northeast Minneapolis in 2014 and offered up plenty of "items that are familiar to people of Polish descent or admirers of Polish heritage. Many products will be from Poland or similar to those labels found in Poland and the meats are prepared in a traditional Polish manner" according to their website.

Online reaction to the closing was one of sadness and shock to the many that frequented the store over the years.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screen grab
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screen grab

Growing up in a household and family that still have relatives in NE and comes from a Polish background Sikora's was one of those places you could go to get something to eat that would transport me back to my grandmother's house, or trigger a warm feeling of past holidays and remembering some great family moments.

As my family here in Southern Minnesota begins to build new traditions, it's tough to find some of the same if not similar 'comfort foods' that I had growing up, and enjoying around the holidays.

There still are some options for those looking for Eastern European/Polish fares in and around the Metro/Southern Minnesota. Some still existing options are:


It's not clear in the post from Sikora's as to whether COVID-19 was to blame for the sudden closing or if it was another factor. The post from Sikora's on the closing also solicits those interested in the business to contact them. Maybe someone will step forward and take on the business.

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