If you did any Christmas shopping up in the Lakeville area, or plan to do some after holiday shopping at the Target off Kenrick Avenue in Lakeville, you may have noticed the construction taking place just to the South of the parking lot. Well, that building that is going up will become the newest Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers location here in Minnesota.

Back in July of 2021, the Lakeville City Council approved the license for the business according to a newsletter from the City of Lakeville.

A new Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers location in Lakeville was approved during the June 7 City Council meeting. The business will construct a 3,703-square-foot convenience restaurant with a two-lane drive-thru. The proposed restaurant will have indoor seating for 74 and an additional 42 outdoor patio seats.

The restaurant will open up later in 2022, as the construction is currently ongoing at the site. One downside to Cane's coming to that location near Target is the current entrance to that parking lot off Kenrick.

The entrance is a long winding piece of road that features a stop sign for traffic leaving the Target lot, but not for incoming traffic, which with the amount of traffic that Raising Cane's could produce could be a BIG headache for people wanting to head to Target or one of the other businesses that share the parking lot area.

So far, Raising Cane's has 12 locations in Minnesota with a majority of those restaurants being located in either Minneapolis or further north. There is a Cane's in Apple Valley off Cedar and 42, and one in Burnsville that is listed as being temporarily closed.

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