Next Monday night at Montgomery's City Hall MnDOT will be holding a community meeting regarding improvements to Highway 13 in Montgomery, and the addition of a roundabout just north of Montgomery at the intersection of Highway 13 and Le Sueur County Road 28.

The notice from the City of Montgomery about the meeting states that "the pavement of Hwy 13 through the city of Montgomery will be replaced in 2023. Additionally, a roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Hwy 13 and Le Sueur County Road 28."

Part of the meeting, in which there will be no formal presentation of the project, is to gather community input in regards to the stretch of Highway 13 that runs between Fir Avenue NW and Vine Avenue NW. The MnDOT website shows three different options being considered for that stretch of Highway 13. One option has dedicated parking along both the northbound and southbound lanes, another option includes narrow shoulders on the road but has a left-hand turn lane running down the middle, and the third option allows for no parking and no middle turn lane but a wider boulevard area. You can see the designs here.

A detour for the project would take traffic off of Highway 13 south of Montgomery and take them through town along 5th street then along County Road 3 just south of New Prague.

Image Credit: MnDOT
Image Credit: MnDOT

The roundabout being proposed on Highway 13 at the intersection of Le Sueur County Road 28 seems to be a welcomed addition for area motorists as that intersection hits Highway 13 at an angle that can make it tough for motorists to see vehicles approaching from the south heading north along 13.

Nothing has been finalized, as the project isn't expected to begin until 2023, but attending meetings early allows your input to be heard, and helps the engineers design a community-appropriate design for both the present and future of the area.

The proposed roundabout on Highway 13 would be the first roundabout on Highway 13 between Albert Lea and New Prague.

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