A Minnesota man has just mapped out all of the Minneapolis carjackings so far in 2021, and all of 2020 on an online map, the results are mindblowing with how many vehicles have been stolen over a one year period, and it seems like we've only just started to hear about it.

You can head to the interactive map here, made by Steve Taylor, that allows you to zoom in and move around the map, as well as hover over the colored pins (red is 2021 yellow is 2020) that tell you the date of the carjacking, the area in which the carjacking occurred, as well as where the previous carjacking happened previous from that point, and also where the next one occurred.

The numbers are really mind-blowing. According to the data from Steve Taylor in a post to the Uptown Crime page, so far in 2021, there have been 492* carjackings and 2020 had 170 total for a one-year total of 662 carjackings in Minneapolis. Taylor added in the post that "This doesn't include car thefts, which there have been an additional 3387. Between car thefts and carjackings (robbery with car theft), there have been a total of 3879 cars taken, almost 1% of the population of Minneapolis have had their car taken in 2021, and 4035 car thefts/carjackings in 2020.

Think about that for a second, the amount of car thefts and carjackings equates to what would be 1% of the total population of Minneapolis having had their car occupied or not taken from them.

The area that has seen the most carjackings this year in Minneapolis has been the area of 35W and East Franklin in the West to Hiawatha Ave in the East and East 26th Street to the South.

* - The data used on the map was created a few days ago and may not have the most recent number of victims from carjackings on it.

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