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Leave it to the gang at Heggies Pizza to come up with a pro-tip life hack that's pure genius!

Pizza has to be one of my favorite foods. In fact, it may be my FAVORITE food, the one I could probably eat every day and not get sick of it-- mainly because there are so many different kinds.

When it comes to frozen pizza, one of my favorites is Heggies Pizza, which was founded and is still made right here in Minnesota, up north in Milaca (which is a little over and hour and a half northwest of the Twin Cities.)


Their pizza is loaded with tons of cheese (which I love) but also has a thin, crispy crust (which my wife loves.) And now, if you like a little extra crunch on your pizza, Heggies invented what has to be one of the most genius pro tips I've ever seen. (And I've seen a LOT of pizzas!)

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Usually, when you make a frozen pizza, you bake it in the oven (or cook it on the grill), cut it, and then dive in. (And if you're impatient like me, you always eat it waay too soon and end up burning your mouth because it's so hot.)

But Heggies came up with a genius pro tip that says you should cut the pizza FIRST. That's right, Heggies just blew my mind by suggesting you cut the pizza (and separate the pieces a bit) BEFORE you bake it. This then gives you even MORE crispiness-- because all sides of each piece are actually an 'end'. If you love some extra crispiness on your pizza, it's brilliant! Why didn't we think of this before?!?

Now, I'm perfectly happy making a Heggies Pizza the standard way-- because I'm not obsessed with those crispy edges. But if you'd like more crispiness on your pie, this looks like a pro tip that will change how you make a pizza from now on!

Now instead of making a frozen pizza at home, if you're looking to go OUT for pizza here in, keep scrolling to check out some of the best pizza places in Minnesota. And while pizza is incredibly popular here in Minnesota, keep scrolling to check out some similar foods we love that will definitely raise an eyebrow in other countries.

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