Imagine all of the changes that have taken place in the area of highways 3 and 21 in Faribault in 79 years.  Kuntze's trees has seen them from their spot. This year might be the last call.

According to the Faribault Daily news this year Kathy Demars and her family consisting of Mark Steinberg, Danielle Mueller and Ken Mueller unpacked a truckload of trees brought down from Kettle’s Nursery in Nickerson, Minnesota, where they’ve sourced their trees since the 1930s. Nickerson is located in Pine County near the border with Carlton County.

Helen and Walter Kuntze got the business going in 1938. Walter was a furniture mover and when he discovered that business was slow at this time of year, he figured he would help fill the demand for Christmas trees. In 1938 Christmas trees cost them, ready for it 6 cents. The customer paid 35 cents. A 29 cent per tree profit, not bad.In 1978 they told the Faribault daily news their cost was about $2.50 and they sold for 8-10$ for a balsam tree.

Now to 2017. Typically trees will start around $20.00 with prices up to $50.00 for the nicest ones.

Mark Steinberg bought the property in 2013. He is thinking about selling it as a commercial property, but would like to sell it to someone who is interested in keeping the tree business going.

If you have not checked them out before, do it now. you might not get another chance.

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