Sure, we're facing the prospect of spending several days and nights in the sub-zero deep freeze, but there are some good things about it being this cold in Minnesota.


I was perusing the web wasting time on Twitter yesterday when I saw a thread by a couple of friends talking about how ridiculously cold it's going to be over the next few days. And, of course, they're right. This is a dangerous cold snap were facing-- it's possibly life-threatening cold that needs to be taken seriously if you're going to be outside, even for a few minutes.

But they also tried to find some humor to help get us through a forecast where the low will be 32 degrees below zero. That's SOOO cold, it's almost tough to wrap your head around, isn't it? So, borrowing from a few of their suggestions, here are...

7 Good Things About It Being 30 Degrees Below Zero In Minnesota

  • Emerald Ash Borer larvae freeze to death
  • Nobody asks, "Is it hot enough for ya?"
  • Soup
  • Those cool ice caves form on Lake Superior near Bayfield
  • Fewer mosquitoes
  • Oppressive humidity and high dew points not a problem
  • If your freezer is full, just use outside

So, yeah, there ARE a few good things our latest rendezvous with the infamous Polar Vortex. Did they miss anything?

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