You've probably seen them on the road this season. People driving along with a tree strapped to the top of their car. But are they doing it correctly, to not damage their vehicle, or worse, have it tumble off onto the road. AAA Minnesota/Iowa offers a few tips and advisories.

"Nothing will make you say 'bah humbug' faster than losing the tree you just bought on the drive home," says Meredith Mitts, spokeswoman for AAA, in a news release, "If not properly secured, a tree can damage your vehicle or worse, fly off and become a danger to other drivers."

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But first, you've got to find a spot to get a tree. One suggestion benefits a prominent Owatonna charity.

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Secondly, AAA suggests using the bed of a truck. Well, sure. But I don't have a truck. Their news release encourages, "If the vehicle does not have a roof rack and is large enough - place the tree inside." (Fine. Unless you want to be cleaning up needles through Independence Day.)


Now that you've decided that rooftop is the way to go, "Cover the roof with an old blanket to prevent scratches to the paint and protect the car from damage," states AAA.

Photo by Yannis Cotsonis on Unsplash
Photo by Yannis Cotsonis on Unsplash

Wrap the tree. Most tree lots should provide netting. Place the tree on your vehicle with the trunk pointing forward.

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Secure the tree "at its bottom, center and top using strong rope or nylon ratchet straps....once tied down, give the tree several strong tugs from various angles to make sure it is secured in place and will not come loose."

No advice was offered by AAA on transporting a tree home on a motorcycle.

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