For the most part, Minnesotans are good at playing it cool. If we are upset we bottle it up and release it slowly as passive aggression that we call "nice". But if you come from rural Minnesota you know that there are certain things that can be just outright annoying. Let's discuss.

1. Getting to a 4-Way Stop, Waving Someone Through, and Them Waving You Through As Well

You get to the stop sign at the exact same time and to be a pal you wave the other person through. They have the same mentality and wave you through. Then you just stare each other down for too long of a second until you both jolt forward at the same time. Which causes the process to start over. Eventually, one person finally pulls through the intersection, but feels incredibly guilty and annoyed by the whole interaction.

2. Getting Stuck Behind a Tractor on a Two-Lane Road

This one happens more around the spring planting and fall harvesting season. Narrow roads are found around farms. If you travel them, you'll probably get stuck behind a tractor, and depending on how big of a hurry you are in your annoyance will vary.

3. Seeing Someone's Cows Are Out

The annoyance with this one comes from the fact that you will now have to find the owner of these cows or track down someone who can help find the owner. You can't just drive past the cows and go on with your day because if they cause an accident or get hurt you'll feel horribly guilty. Annoyed or guilty. Pick your loose-cow related emotion.

4. Going to "The City" and Hitting All Red Lights

Going from no stoplights to nothing but stoplights is a huge annoyance. Especially when they are all red and you have to stop at every. single. one. Bonus annoyance: there are so many lanes and no one uses a blinker.

5. One-Finger Waving and Not Getting a Wave Back

So rude. Especially when it is someone you know. You waste your energy making sure their presence is acknowledged, yet they don't return the gesture. Cue the mild annoyance.

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