We asked listeners where you can find Minnesota's state flower in Central Minnesota. Here's what they had to say.

For over 100 years (since 1902), the Lady's Slipper has been recognized as Minnesota's state flower. The rare wildflower -- also known as pink and white lady's slipper, showy lady's slipper and queen's lady slipper -- tends to grow in wet places with plenty of light like open fens, bogs, swamps and damp woods, making it somewhat rare.

Curious to know where lady's slippers can be found in Minnesota, we took to Facebook to ask our listeners.

"If you ride the bike trail between Avon and Albany they are right along the pavement," said Katrina on Facebook.

"Itasca State Park," suggested Katie, including a photo.

"I remember finding them as a kid around Mille Lacs," share Matt. "They’re still there if you know where to look. Most people are pretty protective of that information though."

"I saw one at Sibley State Park out on the trails," said Trina."

"Nah," said Rebecca, "you have to head up near leech lake to find them growing in sunny bogs. Pretty cool how large they actually are!!"

Other locations mentioned online include Fort Snelling State Park (St. Paul), Hyland Park (Bloomington), Minnesota Arboretum (Chaska), the Boundary Waters, the Lady Slipper Scenic Byway and Kohls (get it? lady's slippers).

Because of it's rarity, the Lady's Slipper has been protected by state law since 1925, making it illegal to pick or uproot.

Know any other places where you can find Minnesota's State Flower in Central Minnesota?

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