According to cardiologists, a bad diet can really do some damage to your heart. Since over 600,000 Americans die of heart disease every year, some cardiologists recommend lowering your risk by eliminating certain foods from your diet. Get ready, because this one's going to be a downer.

Bacon / Processed Meats

Uff da. Yes, the Internet's favorite food is unfortunately chock full of calories, saturated fat, salt, and other nasty ingredients like nitrates. The World Health Organization has determined that eating processed meats causes cancer.

Potato Chips and processed, packaged snacks

Apparently the simple carbs found in these foods are a bigger issue than fat.


Oh, great. You probably know that sugar isn't good for you, but one doctor recommends only having one dessert item per week - if at all.

Fast Food

Some chains are OK if they have reasonably healthy items with vegetables, but most burger/chicken restaurants have "virtually nothing on the menu that's healthy for you."

Energy Drinks

These should be avoided because they have added sugar, along with ingredients that have been linked to high blood pressure or arrhythmia. If only I knew that in college.


So will this cause you to start eating healthier...or is life too short to not indulge yourself? Your call!

Source: TODAY

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