On Saturday, I crossed something off my bucket list that I've been wanted to do for YEARS!

Every year, an event pops up on Facebook that I've always wanted to show up for.  Honest truth, I've clicked on "interested" but I've NEVER actually stomped grapes at Four Daughter's Vineyard & Winery in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  I've wanted to relive that "I Love Lucy" episode pretty much my whole life but for some reason, I haven't shown up to cross that off my bucket list.  That is...until Saturday.  And I've got 5 reasons why YOU need to put this on your list too.

5 Reasons Why Stomping Grapes Should Be On YOUR Bucket List!

#1 - You'll laugh

  • If you haven't giggled or smiled so big that your mouth hurts, you should stomp grapes.  You can't help BUT smile while you are stomping and getting grapes and sticky juice in between your toes.
Jessica Williams

#2 - Make it a girl's day!

  • Ok, so I may or may not have told my friend that we were going to wear costumes until after she said "yes"...but how you make your friends show up with you is up to you.  If life has been too busy and you haven't had a chance to get your friends together, just plan it and get a whole bunch of people to show up.  The more the merrier!
Jessica Williams

#3 - You get to come up with a fun team name!

  • Our team name was "Wine Rescuer".  Get it?  We were rescuing the wine that was stuck in the grapes.  Come up with something fun though...or lame...it really doesn't matter.  As long as YOU like your team name, that's all that matters.
Jessica Williams

#4 - Ummm...the food and drinks are amazing.

  • First, it is a winery so yeah, wine is available.  They also walked around with grapes to eat, which were fantastic.  Lots of people were eating pizza, having Sangria slushies or trying out a flight of beverages.
Jessica Williams

#5 - Costumes!

  • Also, optional.  My friend and I went as a bottle of wine and we even had corks on our head that even stayed on while we were stomping!  If you dress up though, you COULD win a prize!
Jessica Williams

What's on your bucket list?

I'd love to hear what is on your list?  Let me know by sending me a note over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

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