Charlie, one year old golden retriever, part of the Eroglu family of Faribault made history by becoming the first dog to locate the KDHL Heritage Days Medallion.

Molly Eroglu and 14-year old daughter Emma brought Charlie to KDHL with the Chappuis Jewelers handcrafted silver medallion engraved by Star Sports and Apparel both of Faribault.

Molly explained the medallion was located under a bench in a neighborhood park named Westwood Park on Faribault's south side.

Her family frequents the park nearly every night in the summer.  She has a 3-year old and 1-year old and says the park playground equipment is primarily for toddlers.

She was following the clues on the KDHL website so she knew it was located on the south side of town.

Today's clue about the Lil' Library located near the Medallion assured her it was what she was looking for.

Charlie actually found the KDHL Medallion last evening when she was in the park with her toddlers.  Emma was at soccer.

Charlie is a energetic pup that Emma and Molly had to use treats to get him to partially pose for us outside the KDHL Studio in downtown Faribault.

Here is audio from our visit with the Eroglu KDHL Heritage Days Medallion hunters.

The Eroglu's received a prize package valued at approximately $500 including a pair of Twins tickets to a game each month June through September.  $75 dollars cash was also awarded in recognition of the 75th anniversary of KDHL Radio.

Molly Eroglu (L) and Emma Eroglu (R) KDHL Medallion Hunt 2023 Master Sleuths. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Molly Eroglu (L) and Emma Eroglu (R) KDHL Medallion Hunt 2023 Master Sleuths. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

Here are the clues for the 2023 KDHL 75th Anniversary year Heritage Days Medallion Hunt co-sponsored by Chappuis Jewelers and Star Sports and Apparel both of Faribault

#1 The KDHL Medallion Hunt is back in this special year for the Faribault radio station
It's been 75 yars since Dean Curtis signed on in the upper midwest of the nation
The Chappuis Jewelers silver medallion engraved by Star Sports and Apparel is the treasure
With the 75 year anniversary number on it, a collector's item by any measure

#2 When settlers came to the prairies of Faribault in pursuit of the American dream
There was no glimmer in their eye of a radio, although many enjoyed cream
Community Co-Op was strted April 1, 1925, the medallion is south of there
The area where it is located now, in 1925, would have been completely bare

#3 Continue south, there are multiple ways to get to where you want to go
Willow Street, Prairie Avenue, even County Road 48 are ways to flow
The KDHL towers are too far south, and you need to go west
A Lil Book Library sits very close to where you are about to pass the test

#4 In this park is a bench dedicated to the memory of a little girl
She never saw the age of 10 yet umpacted many during her eartly twirl
Her name was Jessica Jandro, the Lil Library is also there in her honor
A swing set, slide, pinic table and teeter totter

#5  The Medallion is inside a sandwich bag in the neighborhood park
If you go at night it might be too dark
Jessica's bench is above the prize
In Westwood Park is where the 75th KDHL Anniversary


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