If you are proud to be a Minnesotan, it is time to stand up a little taller because there are a ton of foods that were created right here in our great state.  Yes, SPAM and the Honeycrisp apple are on the list but there are a bunch of other foods that I had no idea were part of our history.  Quite a few are STILL being made in Minnesota today.  Check out the list below to see a few foods that Minnesota is proud to have as part of our history.

Check out this huge list of foods that were made in Minnesota!

Isn't it cool when we know that something was made right here in our very own state? I instantly want to buy whatever that "Minnesota-made" item is because it is something we all can be proud of and support. Below are a few of those products that you could support right now.

What Minnesota-made food is missing from this list?

I just started my research on this topic and I'm sure that I am missing a bunch of Minnesota-made foods.  If so, let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - by sending me a message.  I'll check it out and work on getting those that are verified and add those too.

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Love movies?!  Check out this list of movies that all have parts filmed in Minnesota.

We all know that Mighty Ducks had a whole bunch of scenes filmed throughout Minnesota.  In fact, you can see in the list below a few of the addresses of places where they filmed parts of the movie.  Minnesota has shown up on the big screen in quite a few movies too.  Browse through below and see if you recognize any of the locations in our great state.

Huge list of movies that were made in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for having a whole bunch of mosquitos, a giant list of lakes, and of course Mayo Clinic. We've also had quite a few moments on the big screen! According to IMDB.com, see where film crews have been for a huge list of movies made in Minnesota.

Did you know that some people in other states think that we ride snowmobiles to work every day?

Yes, even in the summer.  It is one of the 25 myths that people in other states believe about Minnesota.  Look below to see the rest of the list...and maybe laugh just a little bit because quite a few are absolutely ridiculous.

Myths People in Other States Believe About Minnesota

When you tell someone that lives in another state that you are from Minnesota, have you ever been asked a weird question? Like, "Can you ever get a tan there?". That is one of the many myths that seem to be rolling around in the minds of people from other states. Some of the myths below are actually just shocking.

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