Being pulled over can be pretty scary. Usually, we know what we are doing wrong, whether going a little over the speed limit or being distracted while behind the wheel. Obviously, we shouldn't be doing anything that can put ourselves or others at risk while driving on Minnesota roads.

We all know the basics of what can get us pulled over in the state. Things like speeding, texting and driving and weaving in and out of traffic are some well-known examples of this but what about the examples that aren't so obvious?

Things vary by state, where some things that are allowed in Wisconsin do not fly in Minnesota and vice versa. Some of these things they don't teach you when you are learning to drive. Maybe they do teach you but you just forgot. (We got our license at sixteen years old, after all!)

I decided to do some digging to find some unknown things that can get you pulled over. There are so many rules of the road and some rules of the road are bound to fly under the radar. I found a handful that I think are beneficial to each and every Minnesota motorist.

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These reasons for getting pulled over range from your windshield to air fresheners to even green lights. There is also something to note about roundabouts, which get people VERY heated in the Twin Ports area.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know behind the wheel, it can't hurt to brush up on some relatively unknown reasons you can get pulled over in Minnesota. You may even surprise yourself!

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