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When you get a letter from a woman in Georgia pleading for some help, you gather up all of your besties (aka all the women I know on Facebook and Instagram) and get their advice.  That's exactly what happened yesterday when I got a letter from a mom who is moving from Georgia to Rochester, Minnesota.

”My husband is going to be working at Mayo Clinic and we’re in the middle of figuring out where to live. But, we are coming from Georgia and the snow thing is freaking me out. I found you and saw a whole bunch of other moms that have asked questions on your page and wondered if you could help me too. What do ya’ll wear in Minnesota? If I have to get a new wardrobe, I will, but I honestly have no idea how you even stay warm. Help!” - Mom in Georgia moving to Rochester, Minnesota

What are the must-have items in our Minnesota closets?  Besides the typical "winter coat", "hat", and "gloves" answers, here's the list of clothing items Minnesota women say are 100% absolutely necessary to have:

10 Items that Every Minnesota Woman Must Have In Their Closet

What's your must-have item that you love to wear?  Send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on my Instagram page here.  I personally have 8 pairs of yoga pants and a few that classify as leggings...and in our state, you can have as many as you'd like and no one judges you.  It is just what we do here...and it is awesome.

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